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As a 50-year-old family business, we value and treasure long-term relationships and you can count on us to make sure every detail exceeds your expectations. From custom fabrications and small renovations to collaborating with teams of architects, contractors, and specialists, we bring creativity, care, and insights that solve your design challenges.

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Design Stories

table setting

A Breathtaking Marriage of Architecture and Design

Designed in 1949 by famous architect Edgar Hunter and featured on the cover of Architectural Record Magazine in 1953, this was Edgar and Margaret Hunter’s personal residence. Together, they spent two decades in Hanover, New Hampshire, designing homes while both taught architecture and design at Dartmouth College.

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beach house design

A Beach House for a New Life

Working with a client for a number of years and developing a personal style together is what makes a project even more rewarding. When I received a call from this friend (after 20 years of working together, it’s tough to call her a “client”), I was excited to have the opportunity to work with her again and to help her plant new roots in a place that was so important to her. This property, located in the ocean village where she had spent her childhood summers and later summers with her children, would begin a new chapter for this couple.

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kitchen design after

Unforgettable Country Escape

Cheryl and the team at Gilberte Interiors hand selected materials and meticulously managed the custom fabrication of the elements to make this country escape a comfortable and unforgettable home.

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Gilberte Interiors - kitchen design

Creating Comfortable Spaces in a 200 Year-old House

Leaving a beautiful farmhouse in rural Vermont for “in town” living in Hanover, New Hampshire, appealed to this active couple. Planting themselves in Hanover would allow them to walk to the office, enjoy concerts and movies on campus at Dartmouth, and easily meet up with friends and other Dartmouth alumni for dinner.

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Living room design

Enhancing A Second Home with “Captured” Space

A second home in Quechee, Vermont started out as an occasional destination for this busy career couple looking to get away from it all. They loved Vermont and the outdoor activities they could enjoy around Quechee, but weren’t sure how often they would be able to make the trip. The convenience of being able to simply pop into their country life was their first priority when it came to design. Since there is seldom too much of a good thing, they realized that their simple getaway home for two might be creatively adapted to allow them to host their friends and grown children too.

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Dining room design

Far from An Empty Nest

With the kids grown and living lives of their own, the River View home gave a couple the chance to create a sophisticated and inviting space that matched their lifestyle as super-active empty nesters.

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living room

Downsizing to a New Home

For some designers, building a relationship with a client is one part of the design process. At Giberte, it is the essence of everything we do.

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Custom Fabrication

Our team brings together years of experience in residential and commercial design. Extensive knowledge of space, color, lighting, and form are the basis of good design.

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A Brilliant Vision

As designers, we find it is essential to be responsive to both our clients’ lifestyles and the innovations found within the realms of design and fabrication.

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bathroom renovation

A Stunning Home Brought to Life

During a large renovation/construction project, a nearby Vermont contractor was faced with a vexing challenge when it came to sourcing world-class materials.

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"It is very important to us to make the process better for you, and to make sure you are happy in your new space. "

Cheryl Boghosian, ASID

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We’ve become one of New England’s leading design firms because we’re committed to making sure each client is truly satisfied with designs that endure. With 50 years of satisfied customers, we know that each project leads to the next – whether it is a matter of months, years, or decades in between calls.

"Our clients know they can have absolute trust in both our designs and our attention to detail, allowing them to enjoy the process or just sit back and revel in the final result."

Aharon Boghosian

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